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Well Hi, I'm Marcel in Az, I've got a Full-size '91 Chevy Blazer, 4wd, and on the freeway at 68 mph. I get a consistent 20-21mpg.... in the city,, well with 8 kids under the hood, they all need to "eat" (or drink) but I've gotten, 16.1mpg.... maybe some people irritated with my slow starts though.... yes, "tire inflation", allignment, I'm running a TBI spacer. don't know if it helps in the mileage, but it feels more powerful. I've read about a product in a "base newspaper" back in '97, and have been using it ever since,,,,,it DOES HELP . I've also began using those plugs that're advertised in Pop Mech/pop Sci. they really help in the "FEEL"/Running of my old truck.. I've not done a Mileage loop yet... but I've just recently changed over my 4 tires, from "off-road" to "hyway" types.... I've blocked off some of the grill, am "Going to" put up a "curtain" underneath , to smooth the flow of air under the blazer,, and "moon-disks,,and a pair of skirts....will be coming,,,,,,then, going from 2-into 1,,,,,to "Dual" with headers, flowmasters, (while still keeping the O2 sensor)..... and for my LAST THing I'm going to do is to change the ring/pinion from 3.73> to down to a 3.42...... it'll still be 4x4 capable, but,,, I'm believing that I should hit "25" hwy,, and hoping for ........? 18 City? Please, please?
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