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MPG Update,

I've driven almost 500 miles and tested the flipping OD off and I saw a loss of over 2mpg (from 38 to 36mpg) over Flipping it off on accelerations and steep hill climbs. Basically, OD off saves FE when under heavy load changes. (Flipping off OD when taking off from a stop at more than granny pace, OD off when climbing steep hills, OD off in traffic/ passing).

The main reason I'm thinking switching OD off is helping me is that it's preventing a downshift. When I stomp on it enough to get a downshift that's when I see FE really drop. When hill climbing even keeping a steady pace the engine will commonly downshift and with OD off the car won't downshift, instead it will hold a higher RPM.

OverDrive is best left on when driving around normally and on flat surfaces. I've seen an increase in FE for using Overdrive when setting pace at most speeds city and highway. It's when that pace changes in a sudden manor that FE gains can be had by switching OD off (heavy load).

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