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Pretty sure both the Focus and Hyundai are dual clutch 6 speeds. OD off would be a good strategy when you are climbing hills that have too steep a grade for your tallest gear (which is really for flat ground or very slight grades).

If you allow the engine to get below it's torque peak in too high a gear you are wasting fuel. Not sure which gears are overdrive but that can get confusing if the final drive is higher or lower ratio. Bottom line is acceleration should be brisk for best mileage, Around peak torque should get you very close. Slow acceleration means slightly higher mileage (than brisk) but for a considerably longer time. Try to maintain your 80% load on acceleration as long as ti does not keep you in lower gears. If the grade gets too steep then go to a lower gear. Avoid WOT fuel enrichment unless it is unavoidable, lower gear is the better choice.

If your car has the ability for manual gear selection then just manually pick a lower gear that allow 80% load and the speed desired. If that does not keep you going uphill at the desired speed then you will have to increase your load, or reduce your gear selection and possibly increase the load. Another option is to gradually let your speed decrease as you reach the peak of the hill-mountain then let the downhill portion get your speed back up to the desired average speed.

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