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In search of my VX

Ive been looking for months and outside of traveling to California to find a decent VX, I have not found what Im looking for but Im quite happy with my 1994 CX, that has the same transmission.....I'm totally seriously getting 45 to 50mpg.

My hatch is non molested, totally original. Im running new Kuhmo Solus 13inch orig size tires at 40PSI, Rotella synthetic changed every 2k and REDLINE transmission fluid.....I think this has a lot to do with my MPG. the REDLINE made a huge difference. Im pulling hills in 2nd gear that I previously did in 1st and almost no lugging. The engine internally is the cleanest Ive ever seen at 122k and the 40psi makes a big difference also but you have to watch out for any potholes...So all in all, Im not missing much, possibly 5% mpg less with my CX, compared to a VX.
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