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Went for a tank of E-0 today, which is my second tank on it.
UG said 34.9 and the actual was 35.8 mpg.
The UG, calibrated for E-10, always reads .1 mpg under actual, and has for some time.
So the E-0 looks to have given .8 mpg better on the first tank.

The ride home from the E-0 station is 58 miles, of which around 10 miles is city.
The ride home on the first tank gave 44.7 mpg to parked on my driveway.
Second tank gave 44.7 mpg for the same trip today.

The second tank is with the wheel covers and the fog lamp holes covered, which seems to have not netted a gain at all. Conditions were within 3f and 5%RH of each other.

Had to take off the lower block today. The morning trip was great, the car reached 185F after only 2 miles from 38F. Extended highway today at 68 degrees left it running right at fan cut on even full open, with just the side blockers, which I thought would be fine.

Anyway, sort of disappointed. The skirts, foglamp covers and wheel covers seemed to have netted nothing. This doesn't give much desire to screw around spending money to do the projects if they won't work.

The only thing the lower block added was a more stable front end on the highway, was much more planted.

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