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Eco-Modding noob

Here's my quick intro:

New to ecomodding, not at all to modding cars. I've autoxed for many years now and am currently prepping (slowly ) my 2006 S2000 for STR. It's like anti-ecomodding.

Anyway, my DD is a 1998 Saturn SL2 automatic. It's my 8th or so Saturn. I plan on doing a few mods to it to improve mileage:

-Front Air Dam
-Antenna delete/hide
-Drop it
-lighter wheels, LRR tires
-maybe grill block
-maybe delete factory rear wing (replace with a trunk lip/something more efficient?)

My goal is to average mid 30s. Seems low, but I live in the DC Metro area, which is not very conducive to good mileage, and certainly not conducive to hypermiling. My commute is ~10 miles with 10 traffic lights and an average speed of approx 30mph.

I will make an effort to drive more efficiently, but will not be doing any long-distance coasting, 50mph highway driving, or extremely slow acceleration. Traffic around here is sensitive to such things, and I refuse to be the source of any problems... I know I hate it when I have to wait an extra 5 mins at a light because someone moved too slowly and held up traffic.

I also will not do any mods that will decrease the performance of the car drastically, or significantly impact the look of the vehicle (HAI, wheel skirts, etc.) Not trying to knock anyone off the top 10, just satisfying my never ending desire to modify any cars I own, and tinker with things.

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