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Originally Posted by fmars62 View Post
ok thanks, ive been looking at civic hx's but the ones i find are 2 door coupes and then on fuel economy i see they are hatchbacks...?
That is a fluke in their web site, as far as I know all of the Civic HX's that were built were 2 door coupes.


also why is a automatic transmission not as reliable?
Because automatic transmissions tend to have a lot more moving parts in side, they tend to either be a large pump/torque converter that is moving fluid around to move the car down the road, or in the case of the Civi HX it's a CVT, continues variable transmission, more or less a belt drive with two pulleys that change size to give you your gear ratios, the inside of a Civic HX transmission looks like this:


but what is wrong with auto transmission? is there something wrong with the civic hx's transmission?
Automatics tend to be a design that has higher wear so they don't last as long, if you call up a transmission shop and ask them if they rebuild manual transmissions most of them will tell you no, because it is rare that they need to be rebuilt so they make their living off of only rebuilding automatic transmissions.

Now I'm not saying that if you buy a car with an automatic that it is going to die on you on your way home, but the chances that you are going to have issues with it while you own it increase and if you are looking for fuel savings and a reliable vehicle to own then you have to look at that part of it.
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