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Another point that can never be achieved with a carburetor. In some of the most advanced (in production cars today) fuel injection systems, with pressures of 2800 PSI (higher than combustion pressures) the individual injectors actually inject fuel into the combustion chamber in several smaller sequential events. This means instead of a single injection of fuel there are 5 separate mini injections for every cylinder's combustion cycle.

This allows for normally aspirated engines to run compression ratios of 14 to 1 with no chance of pre ignition, since the fuel is simply not there to ignite before TDC. The initial 1 of 5 mini injections is ignited, then additional injections occur when the piston is actually moving down in the power stroke, during combustion, which makes for a cooler longer duration burn with the pressure on top of the piston spread out over a longer period of time and a more consistent pressure for that longer time.

This is new stuff and is possible only with the better processing of modern computer controls and astoundingly fast data acquisition and electrical pulse generation. It would even work in a perfect vacuum if it was necessary. No carburetor will ever be capable of this type of fuel delivery, and the process of evolution is continuing to the point where it may actually become unnecessary to apply any after treatment of combustion byproducts, because the burn will be so clean that it becomes unnecessary.

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