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The other huge waste that comes to mind is people who don't pay attention to days that gas goes up in thier towns. Here in Evansville, IN price raising day is Thursday. 80% of the time I would say, 10% of the time it's wed, with the other 10% spread out. With the one exception being 2-3 days before holidays or big events in town. We have a huge car festival "Frog Follies" and sure enough gas goes up at least 25 cents a gallon the tue or wed before it. Memorial day, july 4th, labor have to fill up 3 days in advance unless you want to give the oil companies a free $5 bill.

Up 25 - 35 cents on thursday...creep down for the next 10 to 14 days, then up again the exact same amount on the next thursday two weeks later. What a rip...
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