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Brucepick, I checked my tire pressure before making each trip and again before returning. I do not know what my tire's maximum is, but I was at 40 PSI all around last time. I have read about people inflating their tires to sixty or even eighty PSI, but the chart on shows diminishing returns after 45, although if I can do 44, I had better!

Actually, when I had my car checked out they told me that I had a small leak. The dealer's inspection had recommended a head gasket replacement, so I guess that I had better learn how to fix that with my Boy Scout knife.

Back when Zerohour had a Subaru I believe that he replaced his transmission fluid, too. How much of a difference would that make?

JRMichler, I have read the term many times. Now I understand it. Hopefully I will continue to improve!

By the way, I did remove my rack's cross members. They were actually teardrop-shaped, so I guess that one part of my car was aerodynamic.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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