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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
Quote DoctorM:
I'm also thinking about setting up a "still" to remove the ethanol and then add in some acetone to compensate. I have some papers on experiments along that line also.


Acetone enrichment can be studied in our unicorn corral where it belongs.
Removing ethanol from the gas? belongs in the corral as well, ridiculous idea to begin with, lets all go buy some gas then remove 5% of its volume threw some time consuming nutty distillation process and bingo you now have less fuel to travel less miles with. Now that's a bright idea, the original poster is either gullible as all **** or is trolling.

I nominate this thread to the Unicorn coral
You are an obvious emotional jack-off - so I nominate you to the moron thread. Your emotional immaturity display just killed off what little credibility you had, which now is none.

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