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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
Shame a "Hybid" Lexus getting what, mid 20s maybe 30MPG gets a carpool sticker but a Metro/TDI/Basjoos/etc getting 50MPG (and up) get stuck in traffic.
It was a good law, but was too abused by the mild hybrids.
The so-called mild hybrids shouldn't even be considered hybrids since there's no electric auxiliary traction.

And sure, considering the efficiency and adaptability to alternative fuels of a Diesel, or the light weight of a Metro it was quite unfair that a Prius had that privilege. Prius fans might wanna kill me for that, but considering the amount of chemicals on the hybrid drive battery packs and the footprint of their manufacturing, either a Jetta TDI or a rust-bucket Rabbit Diesel are way more "eco-friendly" than any Prius would ever be.
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