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Lightbulb New here w/ 96 Civic DX sedan...Getting 380-420 Per Tank

Hi everyone,

I guess you can call me a wannabe hyper-miler with my 96 Civic DX sedan, 5-speed.

I pump 91 octane Chevron gas (noticed that I average ~50 miles more per tank than with 87 octane);
I shift like a granny at around 3k RPM;
I draft large trucks when I can;
And coast to red lights, etc.

I've been averaging around 380 miles/tank, and twice I've pulled 420 miles/tank! And I do this math based on a log I keep using my trip odometer and taking note of how many gallons/price.

I read recently that coasting in-gear rather than in-neutral will save you more gas. Is this true?

Based on my own observations, I've already done 200 miles since my last fill up and my gas gauge is still above 1/2 tank, whereas it's usually right at 1/2 tank @ 200 miles.

Enlighten me, Eco-Modder Gods!

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