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Originally Posted by Civicman101 View Post
links for Shorty and all who can help to my above query.
Your intake manifold unfortunately comes from an automatic engine. You are going to have idle issues like me until you either tap and mount the two wire ecu and block off the three wire, or make an adaptor to connect the two wire to where the three wire connects (it is the faded green thing on you throttle body).

So you first picture shows where you connect your vacuum lines. You should be connecting a MAP sensor and something else to here. It is pretty dark and windy right now. I will post a pic tomorrow. By the way, one of your vacuum connects are bent.

In your secong picture, the top connect goes to you evap or charcoal canister. This combust the fumes that come off of the gas tank. The second item in that picture is you EGR valve. You should have a black box on the firewall that contains the vacuum system for the egr system. If you are using and older honda like me, then your egr and map are in this black box. Show us a picture of your firewall. If you need immediate responses, you can send me emails to Again sorry for the late replies. I hope that i have not discouraged you.

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