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Originally Posted by WesternStarSCR View Post
I saw what the guy pushing the Amsoil additive had to put up with... he got ran out of town. On his own accord though. All he had to do was either back off his claim, and say that it MAY help MPG, or help provide some low cost samples to people. Some people were will ing to drive hundreds of miles just to test it out. That is dedication. He never took their offer.Cheers
Hi guys,

I've been following this thread off and on for awhile, and unlike our former Amsoil friend with all the brains and experience, my "B.S. Meter" is not registering here. It looks like several of you are taking a look at this stuff with an un-biased attitude, and are attempting to come to some conclusion. Good for you!! I anxiously await any results that eventually get posted.

I'm really struggling with the whole Amsoil testing thing now. Personally, I think the claims are probably baseless. This makes me prejudiced. Can I even do an un-biased test at this point? I'd like to think so, but I wonder. Also, I'm starting to see enough variation in my own mileage while testing that I'm becoming more and more afraid my margin of error may make any test I do - - "inconclusive". And then, of course, the reality of the cost of the gas I'd be burning finally started to "sink in", too.

In the meantime, I've done my oil change (to Mobil-1, 5-20, which I'm also hoping to see if it makes a difference), and am burning out the remnants of the SeaFoam treatment I did. So if I can find a place to get this Amsoil stuff without having to listen to some over-the-top sales pitch in the process, I may still do something there.

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