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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Sorry for the radiator fail. But I don't think it was caused by the WAI. You're in Idaho in December! Your coolant temps could not have been THAT much higher than normal, if much at all, because of the WAI. I think your radiator has simply met its natural demise, as mine did about a year before I began ecomodding.

That said, the grill block could boost your coolant temps significantly above normal, easily, especially under high load. In warm months you certainly will see somewhat higher temps, but it should not be an emergency. Just watch the temp gauge, reduce your blocking if you see a pattern of high temps.

For the replacement part, I would definitely go with the local shop and the manufacturer you trust.

No, I leaned on the intake, which is attached to the radiator, and it cracked it... It wasn't caused my the intake..

I went ahead and ordered from the local shop a bit ago. It will be here tomorrow.

And yeah.. I'd love to see what this thing pulls in the summer but I won't see real warm months as I am leaving for two years before the heat hits hard..
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