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Well I kinda thought 102k miles on a 22 year old car was low, but thanks lol! This area is technically a rainforest, right next to an ocean, so while we get a lot of rain, we don't get a lot of snow. So there is rarely if ever salt on the roads. And we don't have "hard" water, so the mineral content in the water supply is low, which is easier on paint when you wash a car, so the paint lasts longer and protects the metal etc. And commuting distances here are probably a lot lower than they are in other places. I see a lot of posts on this forum from people that have to commute huge distances to work everyday. That is less common here, so older cars tend to live longer. I saw a 2001 Mercedes at an auction last week that had 41k KMs on it (that's 26k miles). On a 12 year old car. And that's not totally uncommon.

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