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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
  1. Remove mudflaps,
  2. Remove deflector (or whatever it's called) at front edge of hood,
  3. Block openings in front bumper,
  4. Partially block grille,
  5. Warm air intake,
  6. Plugin engine heater,
  7. Rear wheel skirts,
  8. Fold passenger side mirror and/or replace with smaller/internal mirror,
  9. Replace driver side mirror with smaller,
  10. Smooth bellypan.
1. The roads I'm on are ****e. Gravel and pieces that fell of logging trucks. Mud flaps are important if you want to keep the bottom of your vehicle around for any length of time. They do stick out though. I was thinking trimming them would help a bit. Yes/no?

2. As in #1, the front of the truck will look like its been through a sand blaster and a small meteor shower if nothing is on there. I'd like to keep it on until I can find a bra or something for it.

3. see #3

4. I read that with these units it's better to open the hole in centre of bumper and close all the grill. Do you have more info I should be aware of?

5. I can open the airbox a bit, rather easily. I have hole saws.

6. Was thinking of getting a circulating heater. Dey da' bomb yo! At least my experience says so.

7. Eventually.

8. I've been folding in the mirrors on highway trips.

9. As above.

10. Was thinking a nice air dam at the front. Still not sure which is better.

Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
  1. Most of the above (except WAI if it's a diesel),
  2. Add wedge on top of cab to round out the front.
  3. Kammback?
The front is already pretty closed up on this truck. The truck is not insured and registered as a commercial vehicle - I don't use it for commercial purposes. I still don't want to draw to much attention from the DOT. Mirrors will stay on. I'll fold them back when I can. I'll put an air dam on the front and I'm thinking of skirting the entire side.
I live 8km from a truck wrecker. I'm hoping they have something for the cab.
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