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As I mentioned, doing a search for "salvage" gets plenty of results, but everyone seems to expect non-salvage money for them.

I guess that, in the end, I just would not want a salvage car for which I would want full insurance had it a clear title.

When I left on Saturday, that guy told me that he had two people coming to look at it within the hour. I wondered if I would get my hundred-dollar-deposit back if he chose another buyer without me backing out, not that I held out any hope.

List-alert notified me of a new post while I spent hours at school after class trying to organize study materials. I thought that it was the last thing that I needed, but it was the same guy, with the same car, asking the same price.

Now maybe the last thing that I need is a third-generation Prelude on my way to school.

As low as that car is, it would be relatively easy to boat-tail, and I keep thinking about how the foam rubber spoiler bolts to the end of the deck lid.

Get a 4'x8' sheet of Foamular, cut one end to match the angle of the trunk, fiberglass in bolts, trim the other end to fit the Template, and I should be started. I could do the same with the bolt holes for the tail lights and the "Prelude" piece between, although it sure would be awkward to use the tiny trunk...

On a car that already bottoms-out regularly, I would think that I would need an ABS undertray.

I thought that it was funny, when class started on Monday I was comparing Prelude and VX rims. They should fit, but they are narrower!

As far as I can tell, the owner has not posted on-line, but the Preludes that I have found are going for two to four thousand.

Mine was $2,500 in 2,000. Yes, used cars are going for more nowadays, but you should be able to find a car ten years newer for two thousand!

Oh, yeah, salvage should be fine if you are smart...

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