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The Crotch - '85 Honda CRX HF
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greetings from North Idaho

Hi guys,
I've been a strange mix of a gear headed, monster truck loving, Harley rider, and a peacenik, hippy tree-hugging, not-quite Earth Firster for quite some time now. I modified my 1972 IH Scout II to run on propane (for the economic gains [+50% mpg] and the ecological gains [LPG is VERY clean], as well as for the power and performance gains [it's like running 110 octane fuel injection].
As to my ecomodder aspirations, I recently got a job 300 miles from where I live and I will be commuting for at least the summer, and I will probably end up keeping the car to keep on saving money on fuel when I finally move local to my job. So I drive 300+ miles each way once a week. Plus local miles while I'm there. To do this I bought a 1985 Honda CRX HF. I had it two weeks (got 51.7 mpg bringing it home) and made two trips to the job and it blew the head gasket. I should have it back on the road tomorrow. Since it's a carbureted engine, I considered doing an LPG conversion to it as well, but the guy I buy my LPG parts from said I would likely actually lose MPG. since the engine is already so efficient. I may try it anyway, just to see. Plus I like it when my vehicles smell like a forklift. Anyway, if any of you have tried this let me know how it turned out...

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