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A surgery that could have been avoided

When I was 18 years old (December 1968) I was given a draft deferrment for an ingunal hernia. The Doctor at the draft board advised me to get it fixed immediately before it strangualted and caused major complications and a lot of pain.

I waited 40 years. Had it done 3 years ago, July 2010, at age 58. Before the operation the Dcotor asked me whether I wanted internal or external sutures. I was never advised about potential complications from the two choices, Since the internal sutures avoided another trip to the Doctors offfice to remove sutures I took the internal option. The Doctor also did an additional surgery to repair my herniated navel (called an outie). I figured I might as well get two problems resolved with one operational procedure.

A few months ago, about 2.5 years after the surgery I got two bumps growning in my navel. I messed with them and soaked them with hot water and eventually I realized they were caused by sutures that were sticking out of my flesh.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I go under the knife again to remove the sutures that are protruding from my skin. I believe that since they are internal that they can not simply be pulled out and require incisions to get them out this time.
I can not get past the fact that had I been informed of this potential complication I would have never chosen the internal suture option. The idea of another surgery that could have been avoided really has me ticked off. I have talked to an attorney about this. Anyone here have any knowledge or experience with this type of situation?

I have scars all over from various injuries sustained over a lifetime and the internal option would mean less scars in the areas concerned.


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