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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
A good rule of thumb for saving money is that whenever E85 is at least 20% cheaper than regular, get it- if you're gonna run straight E85. Blends- it doesn't matter.
The actual BTU difference is about 25% less in the summer and 20% less in the winter. Given that E10 has less energy than "pure" Gasoline which has 3% more energy than Gasohol.

Originally Posted by Quezacotl View Post
Well, E85 is consumed average 30% more than regular fuel. I'd say 30% is the rule of thumb for me.
Then someone would say newer cars can use the booze more efficiently. But then in other hand, those cars can use regular gas more efficiently too... So still, i could say 30% price difference is where is the line.
That number is compared to "100%" Gasoline(which is to say it doesn't contain ethanol). It's both rare and more expensive than E10/Gasohol here. Which fuel is actually cheaper depends heavily on the local fuel market. Some straight Gasoline is cheaper, some places it's E10 or even E85.

Ethanol demand is too low to justify other feedstocks. Corn Ethanol might not be the cleanest or the cheapest but it's available and it's plentiful. Not that I disagree with you on more/better feedstocks, I'm just being realistic here. Most if not all of the issues with Ethanol now are what it's made out of. Ethanol itself is cleaner, cheaper, and higher octane than Gasoline.
If you haven't noticed that Premium Gasoline prices have gotten closer to Regular in the last few years.
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It's just a fact that Ethanol is far cheaper than the high octane alternatives.
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