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Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
And you remembered this incident for, what... 30 YEARS???

You gave "the salute", and it came back to you threefold.

Is that your point?

If so, it's a point well taken.

When in an encounter with an aggressive driver, just smile and wave.

It's disarming. Literally.
30 years ago I told many Texans I would wipe my arse with a half a dozen of them and got no takers. Ancestors name was Crockett and we are related.
I did however buy a new 1984 Honda CRX 1.5 and averaged 44 MPG for 50k miles until I sold it for $5K. Paid $7K new.
Different times but still an ancient ecomodder long before it was considered sensible, even if it is today.
The point you seem to so easily have missed was it was 3 grade school children giving the salute back. I guess they raise agressive drivers from birth in Texas.
Arrogance from birth?


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