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Also XYZ, when IN a confrontation with another driver, YOU HAVE ALREADY FAILED.
I have not been in any incident you could remotely call a "confrontation" in many years.
I remember things from 50 years ago, like riding home on the bus from 8th grade, the day JFK was assasinated. I remember gas at 11.9 cents a gallon in 1959. I memorized my 17 digit drivers license number in 1973 and still remember it. I remember getting hit in the rear end in a 1963 Valiant convertible 6 times in 6 months, twice in two days.
Lots of things I remember from 30-50 years ago.

I remember in Houston when I was dozing off while my youngest brother was driving a 73 Montego Dad gave him. He yells "wake up" I opened my eyes to see a tractor trailer jacknifing right in front of us. Myabe the real point is I have a good memory expecially of things that were real learning experiences.

Any response to a avoidable "confrontation" runs the risk of elevating the confrontation. Since YOU do not know the mental state of the other party they might pull out a gun and shoot you for smiling and waving.

I prefer for them to just think I am a barely functional old man who they fly by and soon forget, with no interaction whatsoever.

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