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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
You need to apply power to the post on the starter relay that causes it to make contact and feed the starter solenoid. All of the usual other stuff has to be done as well, such as ignition on, automatic car must be in park, standard shift car must have clutch pushed in.

Please be aware that this carries a significant element of risk. Stuff under hoods spins around at high speed, opens, closes, gets really hot, and so on. Everybody knows a nine-fingered mechanic...

This sounds simple enough, but I would manage to get it wrong guaranteed and fry something - probably myself.

I just had a spark plug tester ( looks like the end of a spark plug with a wire going to a light bulb.) I touched it to a bare socket in my bathroom and immediately blew out all of the lights in a big 'pop !" I wanted to see if i could make the light come on in the tester, so i touched it to the live socket. I figured if it could handle the electricity going to a spark plug, it sure wouldn't damage anything to touch it to a simple light bulb socket.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Quite dull actually.

Thank you for the reply.
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