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Theoretically RedDevil, until it phase separates.

I recall a Wankel Rotary engine being developed for a flying car that was being tested with 80% Ethanol and 20% water. Their reasoning was that it allowed the engines to generate more power with a cheaper fuel. Wankel Rotaries are especially prone to detonation. Since water has the phenomenal quality of increasing detonation resistance but with lower energy density. 160 proof has about half the energy density of Gasoline yet costs a fraction of high octane fuel.

Water doesn't mix with Gasoline, so testing with 10-15% Alcohol is risky by nature. Ethanol is all that's holding it together and will sink if enough water is present. My preference is going to be testing with over 70% Ethanol content and a combination of water and Gasoline. That would require testing on FFVs to compensate for the much higher volume requirements. Ideally I would take some 160 proof add some gasoline and tune it by hand or laptop.

I had to put Regular Gasoline in the van with prices being what they are. $3.25 for Gasoline vs $2.89 for E85. For that tight of a spread, I kept driving.
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