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An electric velomobile with a streamlined body has a market. Weight, convenience, and power will be dictated by cost and legal classification. In New York State it would have to be registered as a motorcycle using approved FMVSS motorcycle parts. Minimum seat height on a trike is 20 inches. Currently there are three classes of motorbikes based on speed and only Class A (+30 mph) can be home built. All others must be built by approved manufacturers. There is no legal provision for electric bikes at this time.

An electric velomobile would have a top speed of 45 mph, all weather capability, and a seat belt. Range would be 100 miles and charging time under 45 minutes. A common electrical circuit here in the US is 120v AC, 60 Hertz, 20 amp. If roll over strength is sufficient, 3x gross weight as static load, a helmet might not be needed. Most places consider a trike a motorcycle so helmet laws apply. Suburban commuting and one person errands would be the primary use. Target pricing is $5,000 - 8,000 USD.
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