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Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
Did you try or consider the dry method?
As Jack points out, you need a method of sticking the fiberglass to the walls of the sink. He suggests using an adhesive, in which case I think dry laying would work well. It would also allow me to cut and form the glass without having the time constraint of the resin. The other advantage of Jack's suggestion is that leaving the fiberglass dry allows it to be touched without sticking to the object touching it. I found with the wet method that the resin soaks through the fiberglass and then the fiberglass sticks to the gloved hand when you are attempting to position it. I kept poking at the corners trying to get the glass to lay flat in them, but it would adhere to my finger when I drew it away.

I do believe the instructions called for way too much catalyst too. It said 10 drops per ounce. If I had used 1/3 of that, I should have had much longer working time.

Originally Posted by JeffD View Post
I've seen concrete counter tops and really like them but have no idea how they are made. Was the plan to press the mold into the concrete (male mold) to make the sink?
The inside of the sink is the contour to be molded, so laying the fiberglass in it creates a "negative" of that shape. While the sink creates a smooth bowl, the "negative" fiberglass mold creates a smooth mound (opposite of a bowl). The fiberglass mold is then set inside the form used to create the counter, smooth mound side up. A box is formed around the fiberglass mold, and concrete is poured between the box and the fiberglass mold. Since the fiberglass is a negative of the sink, the concrete that forms around it becomes the exact shape of the sink.

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