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wow thanks for all the responses people. She did consider the manual but with heavy traffic that might be a pain so she will probably go for the auto. we did a 24hr test drive of both the fit and the elantra this week and thr fit returned about 28mpg for city driving and the elantra about 23mpg. the fit was also more fun to drive and had lots of cargo for her needs. the elantra had more gadgets and she liked the technology better. 23mpg was a turn off for me since thats what I get with my 4wd subaru around town. but that could be because the hyundai only had 10k miles. although the hyundai was better equipped she will probably buy the fit for lower costs. I still think hypermiling in the fit will return better results with smaller more proven engine and the 100lbs weight saving.

but back to epa ratings I have more examples. my subaru which weighs nearly 3200lbs and has a full time AWD system returned about 33.5mpg for a 150 mile highway trip with no fancy tricks. I just cruised at 70-75mph the whole way. this is much better than the 27mpg epa rating. at the same time driving the hyundai for a short while on the highway returned only about 36mpg for about 70mph cruising (lower than epa). I noticed that a lot of times on slight grades and uphills the elantra had to downshift to maintain speed (a no no in hypermiling). the subaru however could just take the grade without downshifting, this was in part due to the higher displacement as well as shorter gearing (2800rpm at 70mph). I think the epa doesnt take grades and more realistic factors into consideration. yes I didnt have time to take the elantra for a 150mile exact same trip but we averaged 5mph slower highway speed. didnt have time to test the fit on the highway but at one time I saw the trip computer dip into 40mpg territory while cruising at 70mph for a short while. the honda tranny downshifted less than the elantra on the highway.

ps. it seems epa highway tests are done at 48mph avg speed. of course real world highway speeds are much higher. also apparentlly tests are done on chasis dynos which doesnt take aero drag into consideration?

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