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Originally Posted by night9 View Post
I hope the fit works out well for her.

I'm sure you are already aware but most oem on board computers are optimistic in their readings. The Elantra's readout is typically ~2 mpg higher than the actual calculations for my fill ups.

The decreased avg speeds that the EPA runs its testing at will not compare well to real world driving (people doing 70+ on the highway). This fact means for most people the numbers won't match. You car exceeding the EPA's numbers is not unheard of, Honda may also be conservative with its EPA numbers. For example, if you look at Pale's speed vs mpg chart for his Honda fit.
The Mustang and the Insight are not optimistic in their numbers. I haven't calculated how low they are, but I record it at each tank, and it's usually off by 3-5 mpg. The last two Insight tanks were optimistic by a MPG or two.

I don't think the EPA numbers are to show real world, they are to compare vehicles to one another. So the Fit or Elantra or Civic or whatever should not be expected to always hit those numbers, rather, if the Fit is the most fuel efficient in the city, all things being equal, the Fit will be the most fuel efficient in the city COMPARED to the others.

If the Fit gets 40 MPG highway,
the Civic gets 20 MPGh,
the Elantra gets 10 MPGh,
but the test is at 65 mph, then at 85, they should be in that order efficient to least efficient- not necessarily the same performance.

Best Tanks:
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