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Straightening a leaning garage

I have a garage that is approx. 60 years. It has been added onto once to extend the back side out about 6FT. The front is still square, within a couple of degrees, so the automatic door still works. However the back, where the extension was add has had one of the 4x4 corner posts rot through and is now leaning approx. 10-15 degrees. I wouldn't really care, since the main door still works and I don't think it's going to fall down, but the lean makes it so I can't use the door to the extension. I'd love to be able to put my motorcycle into the garage without having to move my truck and being able to use the door to the extension would make this possible. Do any of you have any tricks or DIY suggestions to help straighten this up?

I've thought about getting a steel cable and running from the far side, out the window and around the nearby tree and ratcheting it up, but I don't want to make it worse that it already is by loosening things up and that's only a temporary solution. Once I get it more square, how do I keep it there without the cable out the window?

The problem was caused in part by the previous owners who had some 6 layers of shingles on it. So, I've been leery of putting anything in the empty space between trusses or on the roof. Otherwise this would be the perfect place for start working on solar and other projects before the wife allowed them in the house.


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