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Not a seat recommendation but I have had serious back issues going back 20 years.

Two things have made a huge difference.

A teeter inversion table.
A sleep number mattress.

I can't overemphasize the difference in quality of life. My back is mostly pain free without any mind numbing medication, which I could get if I wanted by just asking the doctor, who used to be my customer when he was in med school.

I've had the mattress for almost 9 years and I don't think I could live without it unless I ate pain meds constantly.

The inversion table is a more recent purchase. Once while hanging upside down I felt a disc realign and my upper body actually moved lower, in relation to my lower body, (inverted) as the disc found its comfortable location.

I can drive all day without back pain now, in the Ranger or Fiesta. The bike I can handle for about an hour without a break but it is very rare that I ride the bike that long.

I sleep on my side and 20 years ago I was in constant pain. Chiropractors were useless. I even tried home made rigs to pull my head upward to relieve the pressure. Symptoms included numbness in my left arm, terrible back pain between the shoulder blades, parkinsons type tremors due to pinched nerves. I told my wife that if this was all there was left I was ready to die and I meant it.

I feel better today than I did at age 40 before it got really bad. My solutions were therapudic and required no surgery or medication, so in my opinion they are the ONLY REAL solutions. I used to eat aspirin heavily, now I take no aspirin. The only exception is an advil (half the recommended dosage). with a 25 MG sleep additive before I got to bed at night after a very hot shower.

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