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Originally Posted by Ford Man View Post
What muscle relaxant are you taking? When I first injured my back I tried Flexeril 10 mg 3 daily I think and it did about as much good as drinking a glass of water. For the past probably 10 years I've been on Zanaflex 4 mg up to 3 times a day, they usually relieve the pain pretty good for several hours, but if I'm not busy doing something they will usually put me to sleep, no other side effects. Unless the pain is unbearable I usually try to avoid taking them unless I'm going to bed for the night or don't have any plans that involve driving.
As I said in post #5:

The neurologist told me my options were physical therapy, or pain patches and pills, or surgery. I said "I'll take the physical therapy."
I had been prescribed muscle relaxants years ago and also found they didn't do much for pain. Ibuprofen, especially in larger doses (Motrin) works very well for pain as it is also an anti-inflammatory. But who wants to be dependent on pain pills interminably?

Doing daily corrective exercises is a time consuming chore and I'll be doing them daily until I die. But for me, being pain free is worth spending that half hour every morning.
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