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Finally got the timing belt and associated parts changed after the first of the year. MPGs have been all over the place, but the worst was a couple in the 28 range. Changed plugs and wires, and was back at 33s. I can barely wait for summer blend fuels...

As far as lighting upgrades have gone, I tried HIDs in my projector low beams, and they just plain sucked. Went back to Halogens. After more research, the lens for the projector is good, but the bowl design of the reflector isn't. Leading me to consider replacing that projector with a better quality unit. Time will tell.

I added the 8" lights, and needed a way to mount them. I used a bunch of cardboard before settling on this shape. Its 3/16" plate, weighs less than 10 pounds. And is solid enough for the lights. It also shouldn't be difficult to remove since I don't intend to need extra lighting all year. And so far, seems to only cost me 1 MPG. The 8" lights are 100 watts and throw a tight pattern well over 1/2 mile, but can't use them if there are ANY cars on the road. The LEDs are 18 watt, 1800 lumens and 30*. Plenty wide, do a great job spotting critters alongside the road in the dark, but shine too high for use in fog. The projector fogs have a great cutoff, but scream for better quality bulbs.

I do have other lights I want to try before calling this project done. I also need to replace the splash shield under the front of the car. Probably going to use 1/8" aluminum sheet for that. And might extend it back under the powertrain. I'm also looking at cleaning the air up under the rear of the car. This will wait till winter is well over. I also need to do a bunch of other maintenance related things, suspension bushings are all worn, shifter bushings are worn, so I crunch getting into a couple gears if I'm not paying attention to speed. Then again, this little car does have almost 170,000 miles on it.
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