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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
It would still take longer to warm up if you remove the coolant thermostat because you have to warm up a larger volume of circulating coolant rather than a small volume of non-circulating.

(PS: please be careful about threadjacking! If you have a great idea for a mod, start a new thread.)
True, but the new coolant won't be cooling anymore because the radiator is blocked.

PS: If I done that then the idea would get shot down quicker by logic and reason and the other users on this wonderfully annoying forum which state the obvious and oblivious every fifteen seconds, its really ****ing annoying actually.

I've found that Mista Bone loves to state the obvious actually, really annoying in one of my other threads when I'm trying to look like an expert.

But I"m sure I've done the same to others while joining this forum.

And then someone just stole my ****ing idea:

That's twice thats happened now, **** this I quit this forum!

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