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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Making alcohol is so easy that in Brazilian jails the inmates make their own booze usually out of rice, fruit peels and corn leftovers, it's called "Maria Louca" (Crazy Mary).

Sure the higher sugar content leads to a more efficient alcohol production. Regarding grape-based ethanol from Italy, since your family doesn't drink alcohol, I bet you never heard about grappa, an Italian distillate similar to the Brazilian cachaša, but made out of the mashed grape leftovers from wine production.
Yes, grappa is very potent and also full of impurities. The same applies to what in the U.S. is called "sherry" (originating in Jerez, Andalucia). As with your "Maria Louca" the stuff from which it is made is literally from 'the bottom of the barrel', compared to more highly distilled liquor.
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