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ITZOLD - '81 Ford Mustang L
90 day: 15.44 mpg (US)
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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post

The set route and speed requirements make for a pretty good long-term A-B test. Maybe even A-B-A if you're willing to undo them for confirmation of results.

Does the 'Stang get any use outside of the road audit duty?
At the moment, no. When used before, the readings did include town /urban/city stop start driving.

Its just struck me that I have access to a low speed signage control.

By running about 200 watts of low speed electrical lighting, and a small drag loss of using a light bar, I can legally run at 38 mph, the optimum for fuel consumption. As a roading inspector, I have a variety of legal means open to me

I've done it often in the past with the Exploder

In addition, I need to get militant with mpg savings. And I'm fortunate to have the means to get the 48 states CAFE Highway 28 or California 26 US mpg 55 mph reading an automatic 81 Mustang should get.

Ford Mustang Gas Mileage: 1978 – 2013 | MPGomatic | Where Gas Mileage Matters

I'm getting 17 US mpg at my 62 mph average, so I am sure I can save 53 to 65% right off by very radical lower speed hyper-mile techniques

If I demand manage the audits each Tuesday night for upwards of 8 hours, I can rework my audit schedule, and cover off have a full 719 miles at 38 mph average in 19 hours, and eliminate any over 50 mph running entirely. Based on this,

Although it varies according to car, the idealized curve below allows me to eliminate traffic flows restricting steady state speed at night.

Outside the working range, but even at 50 mph to top speed, you can get a general 'law of the machine" fuel consumption reduction by eliminating above 50 mph travel.

I'll use the standard early 1980's pre fuel injection Ford/Holden/GM flow meter (since my car is pre EFI, pre ODB1 carburetor car )

and replace the standard clock with a Crown Victoria/Mercury Marquis "Trip Minder"

I've also got an aviation throttle lean out device to dynamically change air fuel if I so desire

It was a lot easier in the OBD2 Explorer with Car Codes on line program and coms link to monitor things

So for better monitoring on a pre OBD car, I run another onboard computer to data log

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