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Originally Posted by deejaaa View Post
i didn't read the early comments but, if this would have been you, i know you would think diff.
there was no excuse for his actions. i tried taking screen shots and enhancing them to see anything but it didn't. his arm is hanging out the whole time so at least he wasn't texting. maybe watching a movie?
thanks for the kind words guys. it is diff being on the road now. seems like they are all too close now!
My guess would be eating and driving with his leg. My dad does this all the time when he drives and he drives with his leg. But he doesn't do it in that dense of traffic. With that being said, my dad never goes over 70, and even when he is doing 70, there is nobody in front of him. Dad has been Class A driving for 24 years and doesn't have a single accident that was his fault.

It's obvious that the driver that hit you has either hit people before and ran, or hit objects, the impact required to rip that front bumper off like his right side was is not light. I have a female driver that I check in at work and she recently T-Boned someone at 45 that ran a red light, and all she got on her bumper was a scratch (Tis but a scratch!). To rip the bumper off entirely it was NOT a light hit.

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