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consumer sized DOT approved cryogenic tanks

does anyone have any information whether there is a cryogenic (not just a 3600psi high pressure tank) tank out there for consumer vehicles? if all you can find is the stuff they made for semi-trucks, that's ok too I suppose, I mostly wanted to find info about their capacity, cost, availability and any experiences anyone has had with them. I've worked with Liquid nitrogen storage tanks in a lab and the only safety concerns with those were overfilling and improper storage blocking the various venting valves. I read that liquid natural gas has an energy density comparable to gasoline and I like to dream that this is the next big thing in alternative fuel since most people already have it plumbed right into their house, all you might need apart from temporary storage is 4 stage compressor and a condensing unit. at any rate. what do others think about it. I also believe I read somewhere that natural gas storage is illegal in a residence but I have no definitive evidence other than anecdotal. Even that though can likely be worked around if you compressed it all night right into your vehicle.

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