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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by alexandertorres View Post
I was in Brazil recently and was flabbergasted to find out diesels aren't allowed in passenger vehicles.
That's a shame. Many Brazilian-made vehicles were exported with the option for Diesel engines while it was not available for the domestic versions.

At least you have ethanol, which is good.
What bothers me is that biodiesel and the usage of straight vegetable oils as an alternative to regular Diesel fuel was so neglected back in the days when the Pro┴lcool was implemented, and CNG was actually a recent introduction since it only became allowed for privately-owned cars (excluding taxis and other service vehicles) in '96 and its availability is still quite restricted, in spite of an enormous amount of biomethane getting wasted at landfills and blackwater treatment plants. Ethanol is a good fuel, but might not be seen as the holy grail of alternative fuels. There is a good market share for ethanol, biodiesel and gaseous fuels, but the politics are ruining it
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