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And yes elhigh mine would be locked up in overdrive. But some people advised against this but i did think of installing a TC lockup switch. Right now what sometimes i do is if i drive like say 30 to 35 mph ill turn overdrive off and the torque converter with lockup in third. Forth being overdrive. And when i accelerate gently in that lockup to 40 or 45 mph if the speed limit gets higher i'll turn overdrive on and then it jumps from third to forth and either stays locked up the whole time or it will unlock then shift to fourth and then lockup. Ive seen a video of someone that installed a torque converter lockup switch as it locked up second and third. As they accelerated moderately hard it shifted hard as to the fact it was suffering shift shock which can snap input shafts. I think a torque converter lockup switch can work if its done with care and at least done when cruising most of the time. I know manuals wouldn't suffer shift shock cause engine power has to be disengaged when shifting vs auto don't and the toque converter sort of dampens that shift shocking effect through the fluid when its unlocked.

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