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"...for cripesake, it's just a game...ball!"

NASA Ames Research and Tsukuba University does the aerodynamics research for the Addidas 'Brazuca' the official 2014 FIFA World Cup football. The last 2010 WC ball, 'Jabulani', was very unpredictable as it knuckles in it's flight towards the goal. Some players, goalies especially hated the ball. At faster WC kicking speeds, the smooth surfaces combined with deep asymmetrical seams caused the ball to suddenly swerve. The new ball was designed to bring back that predictable control. They made it with less panels but with shallower seams. It has six symmetrical panels with a dot-textured surface. That critical rough surface creates a thin boundary layer that smooths out its flight and was stable in their trajectories. Sounds very dimples...

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