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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Even with no CEL, it sounds like a misfire to me. Have you checked the plugs in it?
Nah I haven't bothered.

Originally Posted by drainoil View Post
How many miles on the idle air control valve?
Probably 198k.

Originally Posted by RobertISaar View Post
you have a misfire, one that is load dependant, so i would start looking at the ignition system first, though a plugged fuel filter could contribute as well.

plugs/wires would be a good place to start. how short of a period of time have you had it to where you don't know how long it has been run on its current oil?
Well the previous owner had it from 192k miles to 198k miles and he didn't change the oil. And he said the previous owner before him didn't say anything about changing it, so I'm going to assume 6k+ miles.

Originally Posted by iveyjh View Post
That sounds like lean burn kicking in, or trying to kick in. I've had my HX trying to kick in with no change in the 2nd o2 reading. I got a new o2 sensor, the wide band one and it no longer does it. Around $100 on ebay but it's a gamble.
In every report I have seen of the o2 sensor going out, you get some TB's thrown, no check engine light, but still TB's that point to a bad or going bad o2 sensor and in this case, I'm not getting any TB's.

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