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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post

The Insight responds REALLY well to aero mods, because they expand the size of the lean burn window, which is where the fuel economy magic happens with this car.

For example, a few simple mods I did to mine:

You will also want to install the clutch switch mod so you can disable assist at will, and a kill switch so you can increase "Auto Stop" usage. Look those up here or on Insight Central.

Do all those things, read up on the driving tips (as mentioned) and then stick a boat tail on it, and you're good for ~100 mpg all day long at 55 mph (on the level, in good weather):
I think my car came with a switch, because regen happens when I push it down, not sure what the PO said about pushing it up, but the upward one stays up until I push it down, the regen comes back up when I let go.

Not sure I want to boat tail my

I do love auto stop, just put the car in neutral and look around at the cars next to me stay on.. Makes me grin a bit.

I'll check the links out, thanks.
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