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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Ooof! Please release the parking brake!

The clutch switch mod will prevent assist when you don't really need it, saving the battery for the times you want it. (And avoiding gas-consuming background charging to bring the pack back up.) Though you have to release the switch to gain braking/coasting regen... it won't happen if the car thinks the clutch is pressed when it's not actually.

Post a thread asking for to meet with another owner. If you don't get a bite here, try at Insight Central.

Basically, shift as soon as you can without lugging the engine. Get into top gear ASAP when cruising along, even in the city.

Honda sold so few of these cars, and they're so unique, I got all kinds of questions about mine too, before I sold it. (Also awesome citrus, like yours.)
At lunch today, somebody I used to be in the auto mechanics program with saw my car when I took it in and let them check the car for any issues and had them replace a bulb and attempt to clear the one fogged headlight.

This person came over today and told me how much they like my Insight but also wanted to know what happened to my Mustang. While doing my titling and registration this morning, I was asked by the clerks about my car and while waiting on the inspection, the people behind the counter and mechanic all commented on my car. None of these people had ever seen one before and all the comments were nice and welcome.

So what you're saying is to shift to 5th gear as soon as I can, even at low speeds like 35-45 MPH?

I am meeting with another member from Insightcentral because he has an extra antenna and mine looks all dry rotted, so maybe I'll see if he can give me some instruction on the car (His is also citrus I believe).
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