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Wow, hills out here in the mountains really hurt my speed and MPG, but I was patient and made it up at like 45 MPH, left on half a tank and still have fuel in it, over 300 miles on the trip odometer right now and averaged 65.5 MPG.

I love this car, just have to be patient with it on hills. I facepalmed at this big SUV yesterday. I'm in the slow lane trying to climb a hill and nobody is around either of us, so instead of just moving over to the left lane and passing, he decides to start tailgating and flashing his headlights at me.. What an idiot.

I did get a scare earlier, not sure what it was, but it went away.. For a few minutes, the car gave me a check engine light, it's gone now, but I was scared beyond belief to see that.
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