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Originally Posted by ennored View Post
It has some taper on the top, but not much. It was obviously designed to be able to made easily, all flat sheet aluminum. And to be able to get a car into it.

Given that a square box can have a drag coefficient as high as .8 or more, this should pull great. Try towing a regular enclosed car trailer with a Nissan Maxima, ain't gonna work.
The trailer is more of a high performance vehicle than the race car it it carries.It would be justice if it created quite a stir at the race track and provoked an animated discussion among all the other racers.
She looks like a production piece.I don't think any onlooker would guess its actual origin.
The designer/constructor should feel very good about what they've pulled off.
PS Additional photos from a high vantage point would be great for showing off the body geometry.
PPS Paul Jaray measured Cd 0.255 for a virtually identical main body as that of the trailer.In a partial draft behind the tow car it's lower.Pretty sweet!

Photobucket album:

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