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driving tip: injector/engine-off coasting

Lucky you -- country road cruising is just about the best environment for good MPG. If you were achieving the Euro ratings in your previous car, you're already doing much better than the average driver.

One technique you will want to master for a good bump in economy is engine-off coasting. I am going to assume the Insight's set-up is similar to the Civic hybrid (my parents got one recently) in these pointers...

1) On releasing the throttle, you should see the "instant" fuel economy go to zero L/100 km (or some high MPG reading if you're using that scale -- not sure what the max MPG display value is).

2) Coasting regen will kick in.

3) Extend the length of the coast by gently pressing the accelerator a little bit to cancel the regen. Fuel injection will remain off (indicated by 0 L/100 km on the instant gauge) provided you don't jab the accelerator and cause the engine to fire up again.

4) You can even add a little assist to draw out the coast further while leaving the engine off. But resist the urge to do this because you're quickly using up battery charge which will have to be replaced later, often by forced charging (which drags down your fuel economy).

5) Get in the habit of engine/injection-off coasting (rather than rushing in and braking) as much as practical when approaching stops, turns, speed zone changes, etc. You should see a nice bump in economy.
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