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Smile Hello from France !

Hi !

I live in Toulouse, France.

I'm not actually an "ecomodder" as I'm not into modifying my cars.
However I am into hypermiling driving, so let's say I'm ecomodding my driving technique.

My rides :
- 2007 2.0L Mazda MX5 (6-speed manual). Average around 8.6L/100km (27 USmpg) (including a few track days), but these days, with warm weather and less traffic due to holidays I am around 7.5L/100 (31 USmpg)

- 2007 1.3L (87 hp) Toyota Yaris (5-speed manual). It's mainly driven by my girlfriend so I can't get good tank mpg. Our average for this car is 6.8L/100km (34 USmpg). These days I'm driving the car ; its computer tells me I'm doing 5.6L/100 which is probably close to a real 6L/100 (39 USmpg)

- 2004 0.7L Turbo Smart Roadster (6-speed robotised gearbox). Average 5.75L/100 (almost 41mpg), but my last tank was only 5.1L/100 ! (46mpg). I equipped this one with a Scangauge II.

Except in August when everybody is on vacation, I cannot do real good mpg because my commute is mainly stop and go trafic. But still, hypermiling techniques do improve mileage even in bad conditions !

I have always been into smooth driving and anticipation, but I learned many things reading this forum. For instance, the pulse and glide (even though I don't switch engine off), and more widely the general idea that coasting in neutral is more efficient than in gear, even with fuel cut-off. So thank you !

Last but not least, I'm in the process of buying a 2000 Honda Insight to replace the Smart !
However, they are not available in France, and very rare and expensive in Germany ; so I had my brother who lives in UK buy one for me. Steering wheel on the wrong side, but this should not affect mileage.
So my brother is now driving a 2000 blue Insight, with only 80 000 miles but original battery.
Problem is, now that he is driving it, he does not want to give it to me anymore.
So I might get the Insight in a few months, I am not in a hurry, I like the Smart.

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