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My guess so far is that my driving will have the greatest influence on mpg over other mods.
You nailed it.

All the other mods I did to the Black Widow combined didn't have anywhere near the effect of just changing my driving habits.

You'll get so good at bump-starting and judging distances, etc . . . . it'll become second nature to where you're doing it automatically and don't even have to think about it! I could P&G all the way down the road in traffic and nobody would know I was even doing it, they just thought I was slow, and went on around.

I got so good at hypermiling in the Festiva that I get better gas mileage in it than I do my Insight!

It's definitely addictive! All this hypermiling talk makes me want to go home and fire up the Black Widow, maybe I'll take it to work tomorrow.

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